Where I’m From

Submitted by Kenneth Bland (Visual Artist Class of 2017)


Where I’m From

I am from Imani to Umoja

from the caretakers of the earth

 to those who put art into it

I am from scrapbooking to spring cleaning

and graduation cookouts

from the frugal to the downright cheap

I am from mandatory Sibling Time

to being spread across the country

from basement to bucket brigades

from the scream of angry cats to three part harmonies

from my mother’s dried out Valentine roses

to her flourishing marigolds and plumed cockscomb

I am from the top of the class to the middle

from home schooling to public school

from Miss Kathy to Miss Duncan Evans

I am from singing in the choir and acting in Christmas plays

I am from Edmonds and Deans

and Matthews and Blands

from puzzles to stickers

I am from then to now

I am from 1999 to 2015

and beyond.