Volcanic Dread

Submitted by William Hornby (Vocalist, Class of 2016)


Volcanic Dread

Rivers flow from the eyes and flood

Mother has trouble accepting son
Father doesn’t know what to do
And sister doesn’t have a clue.
The pain felt isn’t like the rest.
It’s throbbing, it’s deep, it is a mess.
The self acceptance worked up is gone
Measures of rests in life’s scored song
The Volcano on the Isle explodes
Liquid rock flows onto the roads
And years from now all we’ll see
The civilizations that gone are he
Time is needed and time will fly
To get by one just needs to lie
“Everything’s fine in life with me”
When his world feels so dreary.
Mother someday will talk, not cry.
Father one day will see that guy.
Sister one day will get to know.

He will be able to let it go.

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