Tidbits: 5 cool videos under 100 seconds

Each of these video tidbits is like visual dessert, and you’re sure to enjoy these 5 pieces of eye candy.

These five videos are totally unrelated, by completely different artists, and entirely different things. Their one similarity? They’re all under 100 seconds.
1. Composition in Red by Tendril

Tendril is a “relatively young” animation studio based in Toronto, Canada. This brightly colored sequence was created by Tendril and then layered with original music by John Black. The studio has also created ads for samsung and orville popcorn, and most recently, Xfinity.

Composition in Red from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

2. Redshift by FEILD

This trailer for a new mobile rhythm/racing game showcases its great music, visuals, and audio-visual integration.

REDSHIFT (concept trailer) from FIELD on Vimeo.

3. Visual Experiment #2 by Simon Holmedal

This next one is just a quickie, but it shows excellent animation that fits perfectly with the music. You’re sure to be wanting more after you see this 13 second clip.

Visual Experiment #02 from Simon Holmedal on Vimeo.

4. Morphology by Peter Sluszka

Stop motion animation doesn’t get much better than this.

Morphology from Peter Sluszka on Vimeo.

5. Cubic Light Tree by The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is a studio based in Manchester, UK. This christmas “card” video showcases the artists’ ability to work with light projections. It’s also really cool.

Cubic Light Tree. from The Neighbourhood on Vimeo.

Make sure to check these artist channels out on Vimeo! You won’t regret it! 

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