The Universe and You: A Love Story

converted PNM file

Submitted by Kylie Bryant (Junior Visual Artist)

Most humans are stuck on the ground, on this planet, in this galaxy, in this one universe. Billions exist, but most of us are stuck. Except for those who love the universe. If you love the universe, every sip of rum or whiff of raspberry takes you to its center. If you love the universe, you flip coins to create new ones. You stare up at the corpses of the beautiful suns light years away. The atoms that you are composed of fuel the storm on Jupiter and the birth of comets. If you love the universe, algae is your great-grandfather, and Lucy your great-grandmother. You know we are huge and miniscule compared to everything, and our sun is just an grain of sand to another star. Traveling through time and crossing the universe, we stand still. For those who love the universe, our hologram of a world is all for you.



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