The Deepest Blue, The Brightest Bronze by Khalilah Asaka

Tinged Teal
though I imagined
blending into
clouds that never part
for amber rays or blackbirds,
that chirped songs
we couldn’t hear

We squinted for the clearer picture
but beyond
was just a place
of washed out reflections,
More of a blur
as if we had stepped foot into
a watercolor landscape
of colliding tones
– mellow and undefined

We didn’t bother
pulling out the red
from a pack of crayons,
furiously striking the muted page

Instead, we let the horizon
vanish amongst the seas


this kept my eyes

suddenly all things distant distracted me
from what lied
before me

-the drenched brim of my
sweater hood,

the shrieks on brakes pulled
on rusty tracks
with a thin coat of polish,

young waterfalls
beginning from
chipped cobblestone, hammered
into the bridge before the station
fell a silent fall into
puddles below

What hushed
the pitter patter on city streets?
I wondered

a train of quilted cloth
I followed
from a crack in the pavement
where moss and ferns were
beginning to

My eyes
wanted to jump ahead
faster than the speed my mind processed

A basket full of
wilted petals
and golden brooches
through the straw weaving
was the first I had
seen a color so
in a pallet of tones
so dull
they only whispered your name

Toes peeked from
beneath a matted blanket
The brown of her skin
glistened in all its beauty
Undertones of blue
which sparkled beneath
was earth reflecting
itself on her skin

I searched for her
dark blue pupils
in sunken holes
and followed veins
branched out
from the tips of
her eyelids
which told me she had laughed before
smiled before
like the little girls
and boys giggling past her
with their teeth stained by
German chocolates

My fingers quivered
at the thought
of dropping
the bronze coins
left in my hand
not nearly as bright
as her gold pendant
for a wilted rosebud
without its thorn stem