Stuff You Should Know: Week of February 15

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  • Whether you’ve been following the story of Adnan Syed from the start or you’re a “Serial” binge-listener, check out this article from the Baltimore Sun on the recent developments in the case of Adnan and Hae Min Lee.

  • Sean Baker, the man behind the iphone-filmed masterpiece “Tangerine,” recently released a new short film “Snow Bird” for Kenzo’s spring/summer ’16 fashion collection. The film is dreamy and beautiful and, contrary to its name, filmed in an environment entirely devoid of snow — a nice visual break for anyone else tired of all the snow around these parts.

  •  DeRay McKesson announced on February 4th that he will be joining Baltimore’s mayoral race. This article from Slate looks at DeRay’s platform and what will set the Black Lives Matter activist apart from the other Democratic candidates.

  • Roughly 5.8 million people can’t vote in America because of felon disenfranchisement. Last week, Maryland struck a tiny blow to that number by restoring voting rights to 44,000 Marylanders, against Govenor Larry Hogan’s fervent objections.