Our 2016-2017 staff consists of students of the Baltimore School for the Arts who love to write creatively, report on new issues, and express their ideas to the surrounding community. Each writer is unique in his or her own interests and style, and together the contributors work to create a collaborative staff. Madison and Cathedral displays the hard work and individuality of each student involved.


Haley Parsley is a senior visual artist at Baltimore School for the Arts and Madison and Cathedral’s Editor-in-Chief.  In the past she’s written about feminism and current events, and in her current position she enjoys helping Mad Cat’s staff succeed!  Haley is also a founder of Beast Grrl Collective, a youth-led activist group which promotes feminist education and  publishes Beast Grrl Zine.


image1  Emeline Boehringer is a senior visual artist at BSA, and also a writer and editor for Beast Grrl, a feminist zine that features writing and art from young women around the city and the country. She likes reading, writing, making art, and listening to Gregorian chants. More than anything else, however, Emeline likes to sleep late and dream. As with most things, Emeline has not decided what she wants to pursue after her time at BSA.


Abigail Tawiah is a senior vocalist here at BSA.  The literary magazine helped her discover her love for not only literature, but for writing as well.  This year she’ll be helping out with marketing and music.  She’s very excited for senior year and can’t wait to see how the whole staff will grow together!



 Ifetayo Kitwala started as a columnist her freshman year, and wanted to find her voice at BSA. She wrote about any and everything until she found her niche writing political editorials. She is a rising senior and a theater major at BSA. She plans to continue writing and editing in college and finish off her senior year strong. She hopes to attend Penn State University next fall and major in Architecture with a minor in Acting.


Mecca Lewis is a senior Visual Artist at BSA and the co-Music Editor at Madison and Cathedral. She is a student leader at The Intersection and Art With a Heart’s Art of Leadership. She is also the staff photographer at the Station North Tool Library and likes Art History. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and is eager to visit new places, inside and outside of Baltimore. Mecca really enjoys eating/making kimchi and permanently smells like maple syrup.


Fiona duPrey is a junior vocalist at Baltimore School for the Arts and is the copy editor for Madison and Cathedral. Though she spends most of her time playing The Sims, she also enjoys watching Youtube, spending time with friends, and correcting everyone’s grammar mistakes. In addition, Fiona has an interest in photography and science (specifically paleontology). She hopes to continue to study vocal music in college.


Garrett Shepherd Mogge spends a lot of time just chillin. Garrett “works” as the Web Editor, Tech Director, and Assistant to the Editor in Chief at MadCat and is also a recurring columnist.  He likes listening to music from the 70s and watching television. He is a very fidgety person and he wears sunglasses and rollerblades indoors. Garrett hopes to major in Geography and Film Production/ Video Journalism in college and wants to work for the National Geographic Society. If you don’t know him, feel free to come up and introduce yourself anytime.

Emily Reed is a junior actor at BSA. She is mixed race and is very interested in class and race relations in the U.S. She is interested in possibly pursuing musical theatre and sociology when she graduates. After acting for a while, she hopes to become a social worker. She also wants to become fluent in Spanish ASAP.



Andi Burke is a junior actor at Baltimore School for the Arts. She likes to argue about movies and write sappy poetry. She hates big cities and her favorite book is Franny and Zooey. Andi is a morning person, she drinks
two pots of tea a day, and would do anything for her family’s spoiled, overweight cat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .
William Hornby is a senior voice major, the Editor in Chief of the Baltimore School for the Arts Yearbook, and Madison and Cathedral’s Literary Editor. He loves writing opinionated essays, realistic fiction, and poetry. His favorite book is I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. He is thrilled to be working with the incredible Mad Cat staff. William intends on attending a conservatory and graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .

Cole Summers is a senior musician at BSA. He plays saxophone in several ensembles around Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and he enjoys playing soccer and reading novels. His cat Özil spends most of his time working as a field operative for the CIA. Even though his job is a transcontinental thrill ride, he still makes time for his family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .
Greg Parker is a senior Stage Design and Production student at BSA and the co-marketing director for Madison and Cathedral. He loves reading cool books, watching movies, trips to Home Depot, learning about the world,and collecting hubcaps. After BSA he hopes to double major in Anthropology and film/video production to ultimately make documentaries that connect the world.  He also is inspired by his favorite actor Shia LaBeouf.
 ThomasThomas Ventimiglia was born in Queens, New York.  He graduated from New York University in 1996  and has published both fiction and nonfiction in magazines such as the Potomac ReviewBaltimore Review, Haypenny, and Hobo Pancakes. He received his MA in Writing at Johns Hopkins University in 2009. Thomas teaches English at the Baltimore School for the Arts and recently directed The Foundersa documentary about the founding of the Baltimore School for the Arts. In addition, he has been the moderator for the Madison and Cathedral literary magazine for the past 8 years.