Our 2016-2017 staff consists of students of the Baltimore School for the Arts who love to write creatively, report on new issues, and express their ideas to the surrounding community. Each writer is unique in his or her own interests and style, and together the contributors work to create a collaborative staff. Madison and Cathedral displays the hard work and individuality of each student involved.

Andrew Selway-Editor in Cheif
Stella Scanlan-Editor/Writer
Khalilah Asaka-Editor/Writer
Alex Blenmen- Writer
Japer Hoffman-Writer
Thomas Ventimiglia was born in Queens, New York.  He graduated from New York University in 1996  and has published both fiction and nonfiction in magazines such as the Potomac ReviewBaltimore Review, Haypenny, and Hobo Pancakes. He received his MA in Writing at Johns Hopkins University in 2009. Thomas teaches English at the Baltimore School for the Arts and recently directed The Foundersa documentary about the founding of the Baltimore School for the Arts. In addition, he has been the moderator for the Madison and Cathedral literary magazine for the past 8 years.