Spotlight: Chris Lane ’11 Interview

Read our exclusive interview with Chris Lane, a former Theatre student at BSA, who has already landed the lead role in UMD’s The Old Settler. 

Q: I hear you have an upcoming performance at University of Maryland. How do you think BSA has helped you prepare for this experience?  

A: It has definitely helped me a lot. BSA has really cultivated me into being a great actor. I will be performing The Old Settler. I am only a freshman and I found out that my understudy is a junior [at University of Maryland]. So, I am very excited and believe I am well trained toput on this performance to the best of my ability. 


Q: Do you think your experience at BSA has helped you begin an understanding of character? How does that fit in to knowing your role?

A: Definitely. It has helped me to grasp an understanding of character as far a character in acting and also a character as in my own personality. In the acting aspect, it has [BSA] definitely trained me to peruse certain characters whoever they may be and whatever personalities they may have. I can definitely be able to take it on. As for myself, it has developed and matured my personality lot faster so that I could have to mindset to take on complex characters.

Chris Lane in BSA’s “The Government Inspector” as the Judge (center)

Q: What’s one thing that BSA has taught you that has really come out in college?

A: BSA has taught me to share and be respectful. Being at BSA, you’re around a lot of different talents; you’re around a lot of different actors around the same level. [At BSA] You’re around dancers, you’re around visual artists, you’re around musicians, and you’re around theater technicians- everything like that. BSA has allowed me to respect the talents of other people. I carried that into UMD.  When I go into performances, auditions, rehearsals, or classes, it’s not always about me. It’s about helping each other as an ensemble. I think BSA has really trained me to do that.

Q: How excited were you when you found out you had the role?


A: I was very excited. It happened when I was on my way to see the callback list. People were coming out of the CSPAC Building [Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center] and telling me, “Congratulations!” but I didn’t really know why they were telling me this. But as I walked in, I found out that, in fact, there was not a callback list, but just a cast list. I got the lead role.So, I was pretty excited. I tried to hold it back because there were people around me, but when I got outside, I rejoiced. So, that was good.

 Q: When is The Old Settler going to run?

A: The play starts its run on February 26th, Ibelieve. It goes on for, maybe about two weeks. I will definitely let everybody know when it happens. Rehearsals start over winter break, so that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing for my Christmas. Rehearsal is going to be quick; only a one month process. The Old Settler will be very good and I have high hopes for it.    


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