Retrospect by Greg Parker

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Mary stood under the lamp post on the corner of Rosewood and Lane Manor Drive, the warm yellow glow in perfect contrast with the hues of blue and grey reflected off the snow at her feet. The wind blew the flurries around her, picking up the powdery snow as it passed by. She smiled as she stared into the open window of a warm home. Inside, she saw a young boy and an older man sitting at the dinner table. The two were playing a card game. She saw the boy mouth “Go Fish” and the man chuckled, stroking his beard in an imitation of contemplation. Behind them, two women prepared dinner in a small kitchen; pots and pans on the stove simmered as the women laughed and talked.  Mary stood motionless on the corner, tears welling up in her eyes. The women brought the food to the table, and the boys cleaned up their game quickly, hungry anticipation present on their faces. The family sat around the table and held hands. They all bowed their heads. After a few seconds, which felt like hours to Mary, the family began to eat. Mary composed herself, realizing that tears had been flowing down her face. She took one last look at the happy family in the window and remembered how much she loved her Abuela’s cooking and playing Go Fish with Antonio. She turned away and trudged down the snow covered street — never looking back.