Puzzle Pieces by Sarah Knutson

Puzzle Pieces
Puzzle Pieces

I am a verb.
I am not a noun.
I am multi-faceted.
I am ever changing.
I am a work in progress.
I am not exactly what you perceive.
I have secrets.
I have insecurities.
I am not you.
We are all different.
We all have different pasts and different futures.
We have different morals and beliefs.
We are all human.
We are all pieces of the same puzzle.
They too are pieces of this puzzle.
They too are human.
They too have secrets and insecurities.
They too are judged.
They are made up of “we”s and “I”s.
We are made up of “I”s and “they”s.
But, I,
I am the product of we and they.

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