Opinion Piece: The Gallery

When entering the Baltimore School for the Arts, most are struck by the history encased within

the walls. One can hear vocalists tuning up their vocals, one can hear actors honing their acting

chops and sometimes one can even see a few dancers prancing around the school. Just a quick

glance or two and you can even see some props created by tech students.

Now being a visual artist, I tend to be a bit biased about what turns the wheels of this great

school. In all fairness, all the arts are well recognized, but often outsiders tend to miss the

hard and brilliant work of the visual artists if they’re not looking for it.  The art gallery is one of the best testaments for the

visual artists.

Just stepping into the gallery fills me with pride. Whether or not your work

is displayed, you can’t help but be proud of the work. It is assumed that the work displayed is

amongst the best of the best. It fills me with pride when I see others walking around gazing in

awe at the various work.

It would be even better if more work was on display year round. At times it does get frustrating

not to be able to show off the hard work of visual artists. Yes, one can travel through the school

and easily see art work, but it would be a lot better if it were more accessible to the public and

not just more prominently in the gallery.

It is great when we have more programs in which students can blend the various art forms. I

think I am guilty of being one of “those” people who watched one too many episodes of Fame or

Glee. I expect people dancing around, horns blaring, students busily stitching costumes, operatic

voices bouncing of walls and Van Gogh re-creations filling up every wall space. Until then, I’ll

take the gallery openings.

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