Older by Tannaz Motevalli 2011

Tannaz, a BSA student,  reflects on childhood memories in this short poem.
by Tannaz Motevalli

my legs so small compared to him are wrapped
around so tight they squeeze his waist as I
am trying to hang from his neck and keep from falling
down to the ground a struggle to stay on top

he’s running down the stairs I’m flying high
I’m swinging beating against his back so fast
we zoom by I am light and he is heavy
the slipping sliding of my hands I am free in his

arms he pulls me forward slowly trying
to keep me balanced on his back beginning
to tip and slip we are heavy
our joints crack and our muscles burn from age






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(Photo by Giovanni Dall’Orto (2012) of Padre e figlia (1895) by Paolo Troubetzkoy at the Museo del Paesaggio)

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