New Home Called Baltimore


New Home Called Baltimore

By Dionna Richardson (Incoming freshman)

New home called Baltimore,
Different culture as I can see,
My mom wanted more.
Than where we use to be.

Everywhere near,
Not even a hike,
All I hear,
Is “You talk white.”

A broken record of doubt and pain,
But I never keep my feelings in vein,
I can understand that the girls next to me have a different way of life,
But why are they all not so nice?

Baltimore was different than I thought it would be,
Shooters hiding behind the tree,
Up and down the block different places i could be,
I never thought so differently.

I learned a lot of new things in this city called Baltimore,
How to ignore, how to live, and how to protect myself,
But what for?
So I won’t get killed and to protect my health?

People think Baltimore is full of violence and poverty,
But Baltimore is full of art and history,
Everywhere is history in this city,
We stand up when we get pushed down.

We let the world hear our voice so they can see,
That Baltimore is not a bad place to be,
“None of this it ain’t easy” as the people say,
But Baltimore is the place to be.

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