Mask by Kaya Potler 2011

 Another great piece from the 2011 issue of Madison and Cathedral, Kaya Potler examines the masks we wear and barriers we surround ourselves with.


by Kaya Potler

You ask me, “Who are you?”
I say, “I am me.
Don’t you know who I am?
I guess more you will have to read.”

My face is covered
Only when you are around
And when you’re not,
The covering falls to the ground

You know me not for who I am
But for who I appear to be.
When I put on the disguise
You can not see me.

Check back for more writing and artwork from BSA students!

The Featured photo for this article is also called “Mask” Audrey Gatewood, a theater student, submitted this piece to the 2011 issue of Madison and Cathedral.

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