MAD&CAT TOP FiVE: Creative Uses of Everyday Objects

Sometimes even the simplest things in life can be used in the most crazy and unpredictable ways! Check out our TOP FiVE list of the most creative uses of common objects.

1. This charming stop-motion short film directed by PES uses simple objects and turns them into guacamole!


2. The contemporary Italian artist, Dario Tironi, uses a wide variety of common objects and combines them to create amazing sculptures. His piece, bambino con lucertola (below) reflects his typical work. To learn more about Tironi, check out his website.


3. These musicians rummage around an apartment and make music out of nearly every object they see!


4. The very innovative fashion designer, Gary Harvey, created this elegant yet fun dress out of recycled packaging materials.


5. Want to see more? Feeling inspired? You can also put everyday objects to use in a creative way. Check out this website featuring 99 Extraordinary, Creative and Unusual Uses for Ordinary and Everyday Objects






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