Fall to Heaven by Lynn Hunter 2012

Intriguing stories are always intriguing, no matter who tells them. But the best case scenario is shown by this student’s short story, which possesses both a gripping plot line and an interesting narrator. Check it out.

Fall to Heaven
by Lynn Hunter

“Everyone goes to heaven when they leave earth.” is what my grandma had told me one night a year ago. As she tucked me in, I continued to ask her if mommy and daddy were happy without me in this heaven. “I know they miss you very much.”

“But how do you know? You‘re so far away from them.”

“Go to sleep now, Anya.”

She never did answer my question, and I couldn’t help but think of it now. What if they were happy without me up there, and me joining would only make them sad again. Joey said mom was sad when she was here because daddy wouldn’t stop taking the bad medicine. He told me that daddy decided to drive himself over the big bridge with mommy in the passenger seat.

“It was so he could make everyone happy again.” Joey said this afternoon hours after grandma had left for work.

“But you’re not happy, Jo-Jo” He thought about this for a second. Then that barren look in his eyes came back again. It had been appearing more and more as the days got closer to the anniversary of our parent’s death. He reached into his pocket pulling out three of those funny smelling white pills I wasn’t allowed to touch. “Why are you taking those — those –”

“Anti-Depressants.” He sighed with annoyance.

“Oh yeah, ‘anti-derepresants‘”

“Because they’re supposed to make you feel better. You want one?” Now the glazed, hazy look in his eyes, he usually got after taking the pills, replaced the previous.

“Do they make you feel better?” He handed me one as I asked this. Of course I took it without opposition because Joey was fifteen and being six I always wanted what he had. After I chewed it with dramatic disgust at its taste and swallowed, he answered with a “Nope”.

A minute later Joey insisted that we go for a walk. I didn’t want to at first because I was feeling a little strange. But he threatened that he would tell Grandma I took one of his pills when he wasn’t looking. Fearing getting in trouble I obeyed and followed him for what seemed like forever.

“Why are we here?” I didn’t like it here because I knew this was where our parents had died. Joey had taken me to the big bridge.

“We’re goin’ to see mom and dad.” With a serious look he climbed over the fishermen’s guard railing and then held his hand out for me to come too. A jolt of curiosity and happiness sprang through my body as I kept oblivious to the situation.

“How?! Grandma said–”

“Do you wanna’ be with them or not?”

“Course I do.” I said grabbing his hand and joining him on the other side.

“Do you trust me?”

“We get to see mom and dad right Jo-Jo?”

“It’s the only way we can. The only way to make everyone happy again.”

My big brother knew a way to get to heaven. To get to our mommy and daddy. I had no choice but to trust him. He held my whole life in his hands now because he knew the way. He said we had to jump. So with one firm look from my hazy eyes to his we leapt, and we fell into bliss.

I had not even noticed my grandma hysterically screeching my name while leaving her car unattended in the middle of the street, running as fast she could towards us. “My Anya No!” she screamed in pure torture. By the time her sound reached me it was all too late to reach back. That is the only thing I regretted as we descended, not bringing Grandma with us to heaven and leaving her all alone. But as we fell I think for the first time in a long while, I saw Joey smile. And then I saw—.

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