Killer Toys – Epic Animation by Dongjie Zhu

This animation does something hard – accurately and engagingly recount a childhood experience many people have had – playing make-believe. (And trust us, you’ll totally be wishing your drawings did this when you were a kid!)

Dongjie Zhu created this awesome animation for his final work at the oldest and most prestigious art university in China, the China Academy of Art. The animation’s “casual” and playful style creates gives a true childlike feeling to the animation. However, though the animation style is cute, Zhu uses the style as a tool to contrast with themes of war and destruction.

She posted this statement with the video: “This is my final project of university. It reflects a war between two children, which makes a scene of fighting of those weapons on the wall by two boys’ imagination . The relaxed film style makes a sharp contrast with the disastrous wars in reality.”

The music is by Xing Fu and Qianyuan Wei.