Just Police Brutality? Yeah Right.

Everyone knows of the events taking place these past couple weeks. For those who don’t i’ll sum it up, another young black man was ripped from the earth by the hands of law enforcement and Baltimore got angry. They looted multiple stores around the city and burnt down a senior center. Many people only know of the riots and looting and thuggish behavior of Baltimore City’s apparent Black population, and yet there have been 4 marches, peaceful marches, that had thousands of young people shouting and chanting what they want to see change. But the media didn’t cover that much of that side, did they?
As a black female, I would like to shed some light on the protests and “thuggish” behavior. The sad reality is that the system we have in place today was set up for there to be a winner. It was set up for Blacks to come in second place in everything. From Redlining to the White Savior Industrial Complex to where the city puts their funding, Black citizens have always come second place. Though this doesn’t make it right to tear down businesses, it is the only way they people who have been screaming for help for years to be heard and paid attention to. If peaceful protests and marches worked to the fullest state that one suggests, the pictures flashing on CNN every night wouldn’t look to the same as the riot of 1968. Though I applaud the white community for supporting us the best way they can, they don’t understand what this is really about. When running in and out of Mondawmin Mall, what did you see people carrying out? Yes, Jordans. Yes, True Religion jeans, but what else? Food, Diapers, Toilet paper, the basic necessities that one should have an ample amount of. If I were completely comfortable with my living situation and not scraping the bottom of the barrel, I would grab Jordans before I would diapers for my kids, or toilet paper for my house. THIS IS NOT ME CONDONING ANY DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, but you have to realize that this goes deeper than Freddie Gray, may he rest in peace. This runs back to there being more trash in the allies of these “ghettos” every day, than the surrounding counties see in a month. This runs back to there being a liquor store on every corner, but not fresh produce markets for miles. We aren’t just trying to make a fuss, but in order to get something we’ve never had, we have to do something we’ve never done. So we will fight for our right to live, we have nothing to lose but our chains. So if you want to know how to help the city of Baltimore become peaceful, have a community clean-ups every week, not just when someone dies, have successful mentoring and after school programs, have more youth jobs. Don’t come in my neighborhood, take some pictures for publicity and then leave. Most importantly, if Ray Ray gets 25 to life for killing Daquan, Bob shouldn’t get a paid vacation for recuperation if he kills Daquan.