I’m Cleaning the Floor with my Brains by Sophia Scanlon

self-portrait insomnia, three cups of half creamed
coffee right before bed, write before bed thinking of familiar

lips self-portrait of vagabonds self-portrait with
Jaspers no opals, self-portrait in Gaelic in ancient

runes carved out by the sun, self-portrait of a suitcase and guitar stopping
at the diners self-portrait of a compass whose dial points where

I’m going

self-portrait of a promise, swing dancing, mountain biking,
cherries on the tops, no meaning,
hippies in yellow and

self-portrait of dylan, half cooked dino kale, stains
on my teeth, self-portrait of the milky

way without stars, self-portrait of dejection of
loneliness, of apple cores and earth worms and the tree

turning into a person in the rain self-portrait of a
plum pit in my throat and of a compass whose dial forgets where

He’s going

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