Hummingbird by Martha Robichaud

In the mood to read something great? Then read this poem from Madison and Cathedral 2009, by BSA alum Martha Robichaud.


by Martha Robichaud

As soft air played with tangled curls

I stood alone to watch in awe

A hummingbird with a broken wing

To fall amongst the snakes and worms


I scooped her into my worn hands

Though she scratched with shattered talons

My fingers shook with a light touch

As she chirped he lurid secrets


That drumming, palpitating heart

Protected but by smooth feathers

So easy to crush with a squeeze

Just a tightening of muscle


Yet no cringe at imperfect voice

No sign of fear pierced opaque eyes

She stilled a moment, curious

What hands, those hands, whose hands were these?


She knew the infirm bond of trust

Knew she was in its noxious clasp

But, she smiled, these hands are earnest

And settled limply in my palm


Little creature with matted wings

And bones hollow so you can fly

I will keep you safe in my hold

Until again you join the wind


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