Humans of BSA 3/10

Olivia Hollender
Olivia Hollender

Me: What motivates you?


Olivia: “I really think that the thing that motivates me in life is that there’s always a chance to do better. You can always improve upon yourself.


Me: What about you is misunderstood?


Olivia: “I’m usually a loud person. I make jokes a lot and you know, a lot of people label me as dumb or  annoying. ‘She’s crazy because she’s loud and makes a lot of jokes.’ That’s something I wish I could erase from everyone’s minds because yes, I am loud, but guess what? I just got the highest grade on the chemistry quiz. I’m a deep person, I have feelings, and I have experiences that a lot of people don’t have. I’m not stupid just because of the way I act.”


Me: What does silences mean to you?


Olivia: “It means thought and feeling and connection, when you can be silent with someone.”


Me: Why do you say with someone?


Olivia: “Because I think that’s my biggest problem, allowing there to be silence. For me, it feels like silence is when a person is thinking about what I’ve said or the things I’ve done and maybe judging me for those. But when you’re able to be silent with someone and stay comfortable, it’s the most beautiful thing. You’re there with a feeling and nothing else.”


Me: Describe love to me in a couple sentences. It has to be short.


Olivia: “Love is the tickling lightening in your stomach that changes you for the better.”