Humans of BSA 12/1

Ms. Rogers

I sat down with Ms. Rogers to ask her a few questions and I’m sure her responses will warm your heart.

Natalee: “If you could be in one place right now, where would you be?
Ms. Rogers: “Right now I’d like to be with my parents. My dad is not doing so well and I’d like to be down in Florida with him, if I could be.”
Natalee: “Will you get to see your dad soon?”
Ms. Rogers: “Yeah… but if I could go right now I would.”

Natalee: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
(We both laughed.)
Ms.Rogers: “I already did it. You know I’m at the stage in my life where I would like to have good times with my family and good health. I’d like to be able to enjoy the rest of my life, that’s what I’d like to do when I grow up.”

Natalee: “That’s good, that’s a good one! Do you have a favorite childhood memory?”
Ms. Rogers: “I used to love to stay up late when the Academy Awards were on TV with my dad. He would tell me stories about all the movie stars and it was a big treat for me every year. He knows a lot about movies and the history of film and stuff. It was so fun to stay up late on those nights and watch the Academy Awards with my father.”

Natalee: “How late did you stay up?”
Ms.Rogers: “You know back in the day, you guys don’t understand that, there was no cable TV so there were only three channels. The Academy Awards probably started at 8 or 9 o’clock and they went till midnight which is late when you’re a kid. So that’s a favorite memory.”

Natalee: “Do you stay up late?  Are you a night owl?”
Ms. Rodgers: “I stay up late, which isn’t good for me, but I stay up late.”

Natalee: “You’re our librarian, so what’s  a time or moment that really sticks out to you from your years at BSA?”
Ms. Rogers: “For me, when I look back on my work here I will always remember the performances from the kids who were in the library acting just like normal, regular kids and then in a performance, they light up a stage, or they dance beautifully, or in the gallery, their artwork is amazing. That’s been the joy of my work here, to see you all as teenagers, doing your homework or goofing off, and then you get on stage and you just knock my socks off, so that’s what I love about it here.”