Escalade by Birdo Studio – Brazil

In a contest to build the tallest tower, the inhabitants of a cube shaped island make a fatal error. Watch this cute and quirky short for a reminder to conserve our resources!  

Escalade from Birdo Studio on Vimeo

Project info

“Escalade” is one of the winning projects in the 2011’s “Cine Ambiente” competition. This competition is an effort by the brazilian Culture and Enviromental offices to foster and promote short-films with environmental themes. Our film is about sustainable consumption and tells the story of a cube-shaped island and its inhabitants. -Birdo Studio

Storyboards and Concept Art






Birdo Studio

Birdo Studio was created by two brazilian artists, Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet, in 2005. The firm works with independent directors, advertising agencies, and large companies on all parts of the animation process. They say their goal is “create outstanding and visually exciting storytelling through digital animation, meaningful characters and a lot of fun.”

See more animation by Birdo Studio at their vimeo or their website!


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