Dr. Breakfast by Stephen P. Neary

‘Dr. Breakfast’ has been featured in multiple film festivals, and if you need a laugh, this qwirky animated short is sure to deliver.


Dr Breakfast from pizzaforeveryone on Vimeo.


Neary’s description of the video is really spot on. Here it is.:

“One day at breakfast, a man’s soul bursts out of his eyeball. While the soul roams the earth eating everything in sight, two wild deer bathe and dress the man’s catatonic body.

A surreal meditation on the quirky but rejuvenating nature of friendship.” -Stephen Neary

The film was also an official selection Austin Film Festival, AFI Fest, Sundance festival, and other festivals.

Are you wondering about Stephen Neary’s animation process? Check out his blogpost, where he explains it well, with videos and pictures! blog1 blog2

And, if you’re still here, you can check more of take a peek at Neary’s sketchbook in the slideshow below!


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