Submitted by Andrés Galvan (Visual Artist Class of 2017)


I’m that voice in your head, telling you what you said,

So when you receive applause, it’s really me instead.

I’m the one who calls the shots- the boss, I make your bed.

I help you to differentiate, seeing differences,

When you’re speechless, sitting quiet, or standing up, feeling shocked,

It’s really because I’m gone, I took a break from the shop.

In your heart you know you’re wrong but, still, you steal from Pops

Because I told you to do it, I influence you a lot.

When you listen and behave, it really is just because

You boss gave you a raise, and now I’m feeling the love.

I love playing these games, I can never get enough,

I tell you to move down and whisper, “Go back up.”

When I’m feeling really hyper, I never tell you to stop it,

I love it when we keep running and causing a bunch of nonsense.

I tell you whether to hold it, keep it, or even drop it,

I’m that voice in your head. Dummy, I am your conscience.