CCAT Week of November 30


Yo, it’s me again! The holiday season is coming up, and the CCAT is bustling. Nutcracker is almost upon us, and there seems to be no end to the work in the CCAT on our new projection animation. Benjamin Loviglio-Wolf, a junior stage tech and one of the lead animators on the project, says, “The technical aspect of the project is tying all the arts together.” It really is– the projection team is made up of visual artists, stage techs, and an actor, and the animation itself has to be coordinated with the dance choreography and the musical score. That great intersection of the arts is one of the main features of CCAT work.

If you passed by the CCAT studio this Monday, you may have noticed some students recording in the room adjacent to the computer lab. Isaiah Pope, a senior actor, and Angela Crowder, a senior stage tech, have been using the CCAT equipment to record acting auditions for college. Pope approached Crowder to help record his auditions as she had been trained with the CCAT recording equipment in her department’s classes. She opened up to a reporter (me), saying, “It’s such an honor that my classmates come to me when they need assistance with the new technology. It brings me joy, knowing that I am passing on important technical skills to those who don’t have access to the classes I have.” Isaiah Pope, who was especially excited about the outcome of the recordings, said, “Because of this new technology we have a greater possibility to reach limits that were once unobtainable, that are now accessible.”

In other news, if any of you readers are interested in learning how to step up your pasta game by incorporating modern technology, Pat, our resident hi-tech pasta expert, is always willing to help. Have a rad week!