CCAT Week of November 22

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Hi there, my name is Garry Mogge. I’m one of the CCAT interns, the CCAT’s Fitness Coordinator, and now, a journalist! I’ll be writing this weekly column to keep Madison and Cathedral readers updated on what’s happening in the Center for Collaborative Arts and Technology at BSA.

One exciting venture that is taking shape in the CCAT is a non-fiction reading synthesis project with Mr. Ventimiglia’s AP Language and Composition class. Part of the process involves training sessions run by those students with knowledge of the software that their classmates will use for the project. A member of the CCAT team seemed excited about the project. “The students are excelling in peer to peer mentoring when given the opportunity to instruct on various software and technology in the CCAT.”

In other exciting news, the CCAT is announcing an upcoming BSA Official Key Chain/BSA-themed cookie-cutter design competition. The designs will be made with the 3-D printers in the CCAT– submit yours by December 22nd to be considered! The cookie-cutters should be a set of five cohesive designs that relate to the school. If you are interested in entering this competition but have not yet taken a 3-D printing workshop, then you should probably look into that (Check our schedule for weekly sessions!) Prizes to be determined. Come visit the CCAT for more information about the contest!

Feel free to approach Pat, Sarah, or any member of the CCAT intern team with any questions. I especially recommend asking Pat about his CCAT pasta-making project!