CCAT Week of May 9th

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Hello and hello! It’s been a little while. The CCAT is busier than ever before, and the students are getting stuff done! Despite the high stress levels, there is a real feeling of camaraderie amongst those who sit at the computers. Everyone respects and appreciates the hard work being done by their peers. What a great environment!

One long-term project that has been progressing in the CCAT recently is artwork for a survey done by Johns Hopkins University about preadolescent gender roles across the world. Three junior visual artists, Faith Ramsey, Hannah Smoot, and Natalie Snyder, are using Adobe Photoshop to create their art commissions. One of our reporters was lucky enough to sit down with Ms. Snyder while she worked. The fact that the CCAT is available to her seems to truly make her life easier. She expressed relief, saying, “Without the CCAT, I would have to illustrate using colored pencils and chalk pastel, which are hellish and demanding mediums.” I, for one, am excited to see the final product of their work.

If you are one of my more dedicated readers, you may recall my mentioning a new technological endeavor in my last column. The live-feed, camera-to-projector streaming was recently incorporated into this year’s Spring Dance performance. It is a special thing when the amazing technologies in the CCAT are showcased to a live audience in a space such as the Shaffer Ballroom. The CCAT projection specialists, Tula Honkala, Benjamin Loviglio-Wolf, and myself, used the software in QLab to apply video effects to live camera feed. In collaboration with dance choreographer Tony Wilson, we created a thing of beauty.

Recently, Pat has been busier than most. He expressed sadness about having to repot some of his plants because he hadn’t had time to take care of them. One reporter asked him if he had made progress on his pasta. “I haven’t been able to! I’m at work six days a week!” he said, clearly exasperated. He did admit to longing for the day when he could make pasta undisturbed, saying “I’m so good at making pasta and making really good food. I love plants and I’m actually a master gardener.” So true. So true.