CCAT Week of March 13th

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Hey! I’d just like to start by saying hello to my dedicated readers. It’s been a long, tough road, but you’ve stuck with me. Thank you. It’s been a while since my last column, but the CCAT has been keeping on doing like it does. I hope to be writing much more regularly in the next few weeks. Oh yeah! I’m excited.

It’s been a busy week for many students at BSA, and the CCAT has been very crowded, despite the new openness of the CCAT desk layout. Many students are in the midst of completing their independent reading synthesis projects for Mr. Ventimiglia. One such student is Abigail Tawiah, a junior vocalist, who has created a presentation in the CCAT using Tier 1 and 2 software. She explained to a reporter how the welcoming environment of the CCAT helped her with her project, saying, “I think its really important that students understand how accessible everything is; the equipment, the teachers, Pat and Sarah. They were extremely helpful and patient. This experience has really added to my educational value.” She expressed a willingness to learn more and put even more effort into her technological education; “I’m not gonna go cold on the CCAT.”

Another student, Brandon Woody, a senior instrumentalist, has been using a CCAT camera to film his audition for the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra, a prestigious organization with tours in China, Italy, and across the United States. Alumni from NGJO have gone on to top musical conservatories all over the globe. Woody expressed the ways that the CCAT has prepared him for moving on to bigger things after BSA, explaining, “As a trumpet player, I’m really into the performance aspect of my art. The tech allows a larger perspective of the music and learning more about music technology helps the performance.” During the interview it was obvious that, as a soon-to-graduate Senior, he would be sad to see the CCAT go. He even got a little teary-eyed, saying, “The CCAT is always there for me. It’s like the older sister that I never had.”

Pat and Sarah today bridged the gap between different eras of technology by live streaming video from camera to projector. Perhaps this new technique could be used to showcase Pat’s ongoing pasta endeavors. He hasn’t been talking much about his pasta lately, but I theorize that he’s on the edge of a breakthrough, a discovery that may change the industry of pasta tech forever. Find out more next week. Peace!