CCAT Week of December 7

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.24.13 PMThis week’s column has been written by CCAT intern Shannon Hutchinson, as Nutcracker duties have taken Garry temporarily out of the CCAT.  Enjoy Shannon’s great post, and check out MadCat next week for Garry’s return!

This week the CCAT is hopping with eager college-bound students finishing the final steps of their applications. Many students applying to an arts program are taking advantage of the cameras, lights, and mics for their prescreening videos to add a touch of professionalism and impress their colleges.

It’s becoming more and more popular for students to record their own projects with the CCAT’s professional recording equipment, recording everything from instrument solos to vocal covers to original raps. Students should remember that all this equipment is available for any student in the CCAT, from cameras to microphones!

Remember, there is still time to submit your 3D printed keychain idea to make it the official BSA keychain! Ask Sara or Pat, or email with the subject “Keychain” to get started.