CCAT Week of December 13th

this week in ccat
I’m back! I’m glad that my fellow CCAT intern, Shannon, was able to keep you all updated while my time was taken up by Nutcracker rehearsals. A whole lot of stuff has been going on in my absence. More and more students are coming to our 3-D printing sessions, and the products of their work are looking really awesome.

For the past few months, two junior actors, Jacob Sheehan and Griffin Stanbro, have been working on a huge project. They plan to soon release a collaborative album with music that combines two genres: heavy metal and rap. I had the pleasure of sitting in on one particular recording session. Let me just say, there were some pretty strong vibes coming off their mixes. One can tell by watching their process that they’ve really mastered the use of the professional audio recording equipment that the CCAT has to offer. For any of you who are worried that their music might be a bit too risqué for your taste, don’t worry, they have also recorded “parent friendly’” versions of every track.

Another big CCAT-related project came to a close this week. Kory Sanders, Emeline Boehringer, and Haley Parsley are proud to announce that they have completed the much-awaited eighth issue of Beast Grrl Zine, entitled Idol. The three juniors, a vocalist and two visual artists, have been using the CCAT computer software, namely Adobe In-Design, to put together their most ambitious zine issue yet. Copies will be available soon at Red Emma’s and Atomic Books. 

Pat Galluzzo, the arts technologist, would also like me to tell all you aspiring pasta makers that, for your first attempts at making pasta, you should remember it is easier when you make it to eat the same day. Drying and saving the pasta that you make can be a hassle. Wise words indeed. Have a nice week!