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Ambiance & Environment: 3

Although the background music may be reminiscent of mid-2000s pop, featuring chart-toppers from Mariah Carey to Linkin Park, if you want a place to get cozy with a cup o’ Joe and get some work done, Evergreen Café is for you. Aside from the occasional, ear-splitting sound of a smoothie-in-the-making, the café has a quiet rumble that creates a white noise perfect for informal study or writing. During peak times, the café bustles pleasantly. Open late, the café also provides a quieter atmosphere for those more inclined to late-night study sessions.

Alongside the IKEA-esque, coffee-themed décor, hang eclectic art pieces for sale by independent artists. It is unclear whether or not the wallpaper cracks from age, or if it is an attempt to appeal to its flannel-clad patrons. From booths to couches to high tables, a variety of seating options are available, meaning that it can accommodate a large crowd of varying preferences. No TVs? A definite bonus.


Food: 3

While not bad, the food is not anything mind-blowing. It does well as a study snack, but anyone with high hopes to indulge their taste buds may come away slightly unfulfilled. The majority gives the appearance of being thrown together rather haphazardly, especially during peak hours. Dependable it may be, but remarkable it is not. A few standouts: the gelato, hummus platter.


Coffee & Drinks: 4

The drinks hold up quite nicely against any others in the area. In addition to an array of un-ground Zeke’s, they offer the infamous “bottomless” coffee, dirty chai latte, and a variety of other teas. Consistently tasty and with a plethora of options, Evergreen certainly rivals any other coffee shop. While they can accommodate some dietary restrictions with soy milk, they do not offer almond or coconut milk options.


Service: 2

Depending on the time, the service can be spotty. While the staff are understanding and apologetic (at times even offering a slice of cake “on the house” in recompense), it is not unusual that an order gets lost or misinterpreted somewhere between the register and the table. For the most part, service is quick enough, but a bit of patience never goes awry.


Price: 3

On the whole the prices are fairly average. A bottomless coffee costs $2.49- which can be well worth it- while a salad ranges from $6.99-$8.85. In short, the food and drink won’t empty the bank, but if you’re pinching pennies, it certainly isn’t a steal. Then again, dining out is never a wise choice for the frugal.


Overall Rating: B


Additional Information:

Mon-Sat: 6:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

Sun: 7:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

501 W Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21210

(410) 235-8118

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