Baltimore Uprising– April 27th

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Submitted by Gaia Bethel-Birch (Stage Production Class of 2015)

I went down to Pennsivania and North Ave on April 27th, despite many people telling me to ” just go home,” I went anyway. It was a mess but it wasn’t as rowdy or loud as the media likes to make it seem. It was oddly quiet, unless the police sounded their alarms. There was one young man who stood out to me. He was an easy target for the media to label a “thug.” We had a moment where we talked to each other, he was very kind and soft spoken. There were times where he would become very angry and yell at the police, but many male members of the community held him back and talked him down (as seen in photo).

One of my main things I noticed while being down there was that you could not deny anyone of their humanity, unlike the media that was able to strip everyone of their humanity and create two dimensional people. While making my film and being part of the protests I wanted to make sure everyone was seen as a fully developed person and as a human being.

After this whole process I’ve learned that everyone fears for what they do not know, and you must immerse yourself to start the process of understanding. Many people don’t feel comfortable with immersing themselves in their fears to further their understanding, but to create this film I wanted to test myself. And it was 100% worth it. I hope to finish the film by May 11th and have it in the video showcase at BSA, if not it will be posted on my Vimeo “Gaiabirch” and my Facebook page.