A Twist on Journeying: “Apache” by Ned Wenlock

Check out this awesome video by animator, cartoonist, and illustrator, Ned Wenlock, who conveys the common theme of a journey in a very uncommon way.

The song is by the band Danger Beach, and you can download it here.

The Making of “Apache”

Wenlock had been doodling the main Apache character featured in the video for about a year, before he came across the perfect song to animate his creation with on a website called New Weird Australia, which distributes free, experimental, and eclectic music from Australian musicians. He then got into contact with the band, and started thinking up ideas about how to illustrate the song.

The song made Ned Wenlock think of traveling, but he wanted to escape the cliche panning of backgrounds that are so common in music videos. He describes that process well here:

“The track made me think of traveling but I think a lot of music video’s use this device so I was looking for a new way to show traveling without just having panning backgrounds etc. I thought it’d be cool if you could see more of where he’s going and where he’s been. This made me think of bending the plane he’s on like a roll of paper going through a print machine so we can see shapes of things to come. I added more rolls so he could move between planes which he does on the train ride. When it was set up I tried to think of different way’s this system could be used to illustrate a scene, starting with quite a simple desert scape and the inside of a cave to the more complex scenes with the train where the motion bleeds together. I’m already thinking about new projects where I can push this idea further. A more graphic less literal approach might be interesting.”

And It’s certainly safe to say he was successful in completing his goal.

Hungry for more?

Check out Ned Wenlock’s vimeo, flickr, and blog,

or watch this video of his from 2009, called Red.

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