A Past of Brokenness

Submitted by Nathan Formwalt (Visual Arts Class of 2016)

As a result of the rioting and protesting taking place throughout our city, a photo of a fractured bench with the phrase “BALTIMORE, The Greatest City in America” has surfaced on social media. It has bees said that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I am in total agreement. However, this image generates a thousand words based on an individual’s perspective. One may analyze it and say that it shows how broken Baltimore truly is, while another might say the photo is a complete misrepresentation of the city. My point of view falls along the lines of both perspectives. For those who don’t know Baltimore for what this city really is, it is my hometown and an amazing place. But like a lot of things, it needs work and is constantly in a state of progression. As a society, there is always room for progress. Everything that is great usually has a past of brokenness.